About Us

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As a nuclear pharmacist who had served on the Line Avenue Compounding Pharmacy team since 1989, Randy Caudle developed a fondness for his customers and the pharmacy business that changed a job into a lifelong career. Randy’s commitment to patients and doctors led him and his wife Susan to purchase the business in 1998.

Randy and Susan Caudle graduated from Northeast Louisiana University (now known as University of Louisiana at Monroe) in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. Randy and Susan have over 10 years each in hospital pharmacy and both were certified in nuclear pharmacy at Purdue University. They dedicated their lives to a field they love and the people it serves.

“Our pharmacy fills a niche that few others can, in providing old fashioned pharmacy customer service which is coupled with the latest information and technology to provide the best products available. We are the most experienced compounding pharmacy in the area. Providing solutions to meet the needs of our customers or their pets is a joy to our pharmacy staff. That is why we are here,” said Randy.

Susan agrees, “We are not just a pharmaceutical retailer. We still answer the phones to avoid an automated feel to an experience which should be personal. We take the time to build relationships with our customers because we want to help them develop solutions that will lead to longer, happier, and healthier lives.”

Susan particularly enjoys helping customers who may be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. “It can be a debilitating syndrome that often makes people feel helpless and overwhelmed. I know because I experienced the beginnings of it myself at one time during the illness and loss of a family member. We enjoy helping customers understand how stress affects lives and providing solutions for regaining energy and control.”

Randy and Susan also believe strongly in staying on top of new findings in the pharmacy field with continuing education courses and place a high value on quality. In fact, they participate in a formalized Quality Improvement Program for the pharmacy which documents ways to continually improve quality and maintain their commitment to customer service excellence. Susan finished her training in functional diagnostic nutrition (FDN practitioner) and she is ready to help work with you to improve your health.

Our other pharmacist, John also has many years of experience and impressive qualifications. Our company’s technicians, clerks and drivers complete a team which is able to offer unparalleled service and delivery convenience. We have access to a local wholesaler and can get medications quickly if needed.